Consciousness, Art, Manual Skill and Heart

Consciousness, Art, Manual Skill and Heart



Peace is a long process of understanding and transformation. At the collective level it can be found or regain only by raising humanity’s consciousness. No war can stop another one. The violence that each being lives daily is the result of of fear and ignorance of the foundations of life, which generates insecurity, which touches us in the depth of the soul.

It is impossible to reach Peace only starting from intellectual considerations. Each person must do the best to open his own and, through this state, reach the awareness that all is conscience, energy and love, that we have the supreme duty to respect. Nothing is the result of chance; each of our words and each of our acts have direct consequences on our present and future existence, and they inevitably act on the collective and on the earth. Everything is in perpetual transformation according to the seedlings that we spread on our life course.

This internal security, the awareness of an intimate connection with the universe and all that composes it, and especially with earth. inspires us to create works and objects that promote and help to restore peace and unity with the Divine by the vibrations they emit and the nature of their language.

We are all sons of the same and unique source, and it is up to us to consider with clarity, discernment and without prejudices, that differences are a richness, as the many different colors of the same work, and not a barrier that prevents the common work from expressing its uniqueness and beauty.

We are also certain that each of us is repository of one or more talents, in the most diverse manner. Universe is creativity. Each cell that composes it is in essence creative, and therefore we too. This is our real nature.

Find, re-connect, free the own creativity, is a door that allows everyone to manifest the Divine, to spread peace, balance and harmony around oneself. This is probably one of the big challenges of the times that are coming. The dynamics of numbers and profit at all costs tramples the souls. Restoring the true value of manuality is essential for a collective rebirth.

The physical world and matter are the theater of our talents and from our experiences. The contentment and the deep joy that we are looking for manifest themselves when we add love to them.

“Who works with his hands is a worker. Who works with his hands and his head is an artisan. Who works with his hands, his head and the heart is an artist”. Words of Saint Francis.

Welcome in our universe.

Ivan L. Gervasi and Annarè Girardi.

Annarè Girardi and Ivan L. Gervasi. Il sogno di un domani più bello e sacro.

Annarè Girardi and Ivan L. Gervasi. Il sogno di un domani più bello e sacro.

My spiritual path is mainly guided by the Archangel Michael. I was born in Trento (Italy) in the 1969, and I obtained the diploma of Teacher at the Art Institute. I create by connecting to my inner child, always seeking in the Self the pure love and  lightness. Angels, Mothers, creative sewing, workshops with children, and writing thoughts are the essence of my art.

Since my early childhood, my dream has been to open a « multi-religious » center, saying this without fully understanding its meaning. The picture I saw in front of me was many people of different ethnicities and religious beliefs, who held hands and their eyes conveyed love and peace. Peace is a state of consciousness; it is mainly peace with oneself, beauty and love.



« To you who never let me down.


I have seen Your hand, which of the Infinite crosses heaven and space without time, enter into every cell of this world, transform it and make it become Your Sacred Garden. I have seen the Light spread over all the plains and valleys, hills and mountains, and the sea in its depths. I saw stars in the eyes of every human being, a heart in every living being, radiating Peace and Harmony. I saw all the trees, every plant and flower, in a dance of joy in the light of the sun, and reflected by the moon.

Thinking I was dreaming, I stopped for a little while for a deep breath. I looked into myself, and You touched me with Your hand, Eternal Father Mother.

You are there, yes, You are there, elusive reality, Infinite Consciousness which animates and knows All and everything, which transcends thoughts, vibrations, energy and time, and which from nothingness Has created everything, absolutely Everything».

Ivan L. Gervasi




Diversity and differences are a great opportunity for the manifestation of beauty, for growth, realization and sharing.


Children are the future of humanity, and our concern to their become is a guarantee for realization of our lives.


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Ivan L. Gervasi and Annarè Girardi


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